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Fine Spirits
Alice Duncan
ISBN: 0821775189
July 2003
Historical Romance

Spiritualist Daisy Gumm Majesty is on the job again. Once more she walks a thin line on the right side of the law. Daisy's heart of gold leads her to the aid of Marianne Wagner. Daisy investigates the ghost that was haunting Mrs. Bissel's basement and finds Marianne. After discovering the reason Marianne ran away from her wealthy family, Daisy knew she had to help her as well as she could.

Daisy was worried. Detective Sam Rotondo was suspicious of her "ghost ridding" activities. He even threatened her with an obstruction of justice charge if he found out she knew something about the disappearance of Marianne Wagner and had not told him. While Daisy was resigned that Sam was Billy's friend, she was tired of him always being at her home.

With the help of her friends, Harold Kincaid and George Grenville, Daisy hides Marianne. While they have her hidden, they realized they would have to figure out a way for her to survive on her own. If that wasn't enough to worry about, Daisy has noticed that Billy is becoming more and more dependent on the morphine he uses for pain.

While the reader can tell there is an attraction between Sam and Daisy, it is refreshing to know they both have upstanding morals that do not allow them to act on it. They both respect Billy.

Alice Duncan has done a superb job of bringing the characters in her Spirit Series alive. She makes you care about what happens to them. FINE SPIRITS is a wonderful novel by a fantastic author. I can't wait for the next one in the series.

Dawn Myers, July 2003

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