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The Family Matchmaker
Jeanne Savery
ISBN: 0821775669
July 2003

Georgianna Thomasina Beverly, otherwise known as Georgi, is a bit of a hoyden, a bit of a bluestocking and is really too old not to have had at least one season and have been presented at court. But with her grandfatherís blessing she has been allowed to stay at his estate and have the freedom denied most young women. She writes novels, she rides across the estate alone and knows more about local politics than most men. This freedom may the reason she has been caught stuck, sitting on the shoulder of the statue Gabriel in front of the church by a most delightful gentleman.

This gentleman happens to be Lord Everhart. He has just inherited the estate next to Georgiís Grandfather, Lord Tivington. Lord Everhart, being a bachelor, is being chased by Georgiís cousin, Cassie, Georgette Cassandra.(There is a George theme running through the book) Lord Everhart asks Georgi to help run interference and keep him from being trapped in a compromising position with Cassie. Georgi agrees to help but probably more out of wanting to spend time with Lord Everhart than to keep Cassie away from him. Everhart thinks Georgi to be about 15 -16 years old, just a child, so this gives him the freedom to be alone with her without feeling he is compromising her.

The Family Matchmaker was truly a pleasure to read. The author used a lot of slang and cant that gave this book a delightful flavor. The heroine was smart and sassy. The hero was in the dark about Georgiís age most of the book, so he kept thinking she was quite ineligible as a prospective wife. There is a assortment of characters, the loving grandfather, the evil cousin and his equally evil mother and a doting cousin who has taught Georgi all these delightful phrases that a young lady shouldnít know. I would recommend this book, great for a teen or anyone who would like a good, pleasant read.

Deborah Olson, October 2003

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