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Noble Destiny
Katie MacAlister
ISBN: 0843951435
May 2003
Historical Romance

NOBLE DESTINY begins with Lady Charlotte pleading with her cousin Gillian to please stay and help her, Gillian and her husband are off to the West Indies. Lady Charlotte has just returned to London after causing a huge scandal by running off with the son of an Italian count. He has recently died and left her penniless. She would prefer that everyone just forget the scandal her running off caused and let things return to the way they were before she left. She also wants out of this dreadful moil, no she meant coil. She also wants her brother to quit ostracizing her ... er she meant ostracizing her.  It seems that Lady Charlotte has a small problem with the English language and it’s not because she’s been in Italy. What Char has no problem with is coming up with schemes to get her back in the good graces of the ton; they just aren’t all very good schemes. One of her first ideas is to try and lure one of her ex-admirers, Alasdair McGregor into marriage.

Alasdair McGregor has just come to town for his sister’s wedding and he is being besieged by many unmarried women, he says he now knows how a fox must feel being chased by the hounds. His long suffering butler, secretary, valet and draughtsman, Batsfoam, accompanies him and tries to help fend them off. Although his offers are quite sarcastic and his explanations so long winded Alasdair is glad when he doesn’t help.  Alasdair and Char become reacquainted when she cuts off another lady in a pink carriage with her curricle and pulls to a stop right before Dares boots, she causes quite a ruckus. Dare looks at her “You,” he sputtered. “You’re in Italy. You ran off with some mealy mouthed son of a count, didn’t you?”  To that Char replies, “He’s dead. I’m back.”

If you’d like a romance with characters a little left of center, a little on the quirky side Noble Destiny is a great book for you. I loved it. Sometimes you just need to read something that is pure fun, a good story with some childish revelry. The characters are for lack of a better word “characters”. There’s Batsfoam, Couch, the other butler in the story with a hook in place of one of his hands and we must not forget Char’s favorite how-to manual, Vyvyan La Blue’s famed Guide To Connubial Calisthenics. Katie MacAlister has a fantastic sense of humor and an even bigger imagination. Sometimes reading this book was like trying to read one of my son’s papers, spell check said it was spelled right it just wasn’t the write word, or right word. I’m looking forward to Katie’s next book; this was the second in her “Noble” series.

Debbie Olson, June 2003

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