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The Cowboy Who Came Calling
Linda Broday
ISBN: 0843951877
August 2003
Historical Romance

From the day her father was framed for a crime he did not commit, Glory Day became the sole provider of the house. She even dressed like a man to go about her daily chores. Without a proper income, there was no way Glory and her family could keep up with the bank note on their home, or find a way to get their father home. Glory decided to hunt down an outlaw to collect the reward money. Only she found that someone else had his own plans for this outlaw.

Luke McClain was determined to find out who was responsible for setting him up and taking away his job as a lawman. The only lead he had was through Mad Dog Perkins, a man with a bounty on his head. When he finally caught up to his outlaw, he found a blond haired beauty in men’s britches standing between him and his prize. This mystery lady wasn’t going to hand over the outlaw, and, during the argument of it, she accidentally shot him.

Duty and obligation made Glory decide to bring the cowboy home. Perkins got away, but she’ll be able to go after him again. Once Luke recovers from his wound, he’ll be after the outlaw, too. Having the same goal in mind, even for two different reasons, should tear them apart. Instead, it binds them together.

Linda Broday has a very special gift of taking you back to 1881 in Santa Anna, Texas. THE COWBOY WHO CAME CALLING drew me in and held me there. I laughed and I cried. I ached for the Day family and their troubles. I felt joy and relief with them when their problems found resolution. And, as Glory would say, “Well, Hells Bells!” (I love that expression) I think I even picked up a Texas drawl!

Glory is strong and independent. She was carrying a load much too large for any one person. She didn’t even realize that she needed someone to lean on. I always enjoy seeing a good hard working, selfless person get a break.

Luke is so charming. He had me wrapped around his finger the first time he called Glory’s sister, “Punkin.” He had a lot of patience for the little ‘squirt’ and that says a lot for a man.

Patience is a hoot! She’s the one Luke calls, “Punkin.” Patience is only ten years old and she loves to talk. She doesn’t leave anything out, either. She definitely had Glory blushing. She pretty much set the wheels in motion between Luke and Glory.

All I have to say is, “Go get this book!!!” While you’re at it, get KNIGHT ON THE TEXAS PLAINS by Linda Broday, so you can read about Luke’s brother, Duel.

Jennifer Ebmeyer, August 2003

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