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The Sea Wife
Holly Cook
ISBN: 0843952075
May 2003
Historical Romance

Sabina Grey is certain she is dying. She is completely surrounded by water and she is struggling to breathe. Just when she is sure that death is imminent, strong arms rip Sabina from her watery grave and pull her to safety. When she wakes four days later, she is safely aboard the Ellen Drury. The Margaret Rose, the ship Sabina had been traveling on, had burned, killing her friends and everyone else on board…everyone but Sabina and Myles Dampier. It was Myles’ strong hands that pulled Sabina from the edge of darkness and saved her from certain death. It’s Myles who nurses her back to health and keeps her company from time to time. Having lost her father before she sailed on the first ship, and now having lost her friends and all her belongings upon the second, Sabina is uncertain as to what the future holds for her. With that uncertainty weighing on her mind, Sabina can’t help eventually agreeing to marry Myles when he persuades her to do so. But Myles refuses to open up to his new wife, leaving Sabina uncertain as to whether a future alone might be safer than a future with Myles Dampier.

Myles has a plan and he is intent upon accomplishing the task before him. Myles spent years in a penal colony paying for a crime he really didn’t commit and he is determined to punish those responsible for wrongly putting him there. Myles needs a wife if he is to succeed and Sabina seems to be the perfect prospect. But Myles is keeping secrets from Sabina, secrets that could destroy them both—and more importantly, the love they’ve come to share. Is punishing the guilty really worth sacrificing the love of a lifetime?

Holly Cook delivers an impressive debut novel with THE SEA WIFE. Ms. Cook has a fresh, interesting writing style and has created characters that will elicit a multitude of emotions from readers. Myles is a hard hero to like, but you can’t deny that those are usually the most interesting and complex heroes. You can understand Myles motivation in wanting to punish those he feels were responsible for his banishment. It’s also easy to understand Sabina’s devotion to him, considering that she seemed to be so alone in the world. It was wonderful to see how their relationship progressed over time. Sabina tried to save Myles from himself—not an easy feat to accomplish when one is dealing with such a headstrong, determined man!

THE SEA WIFE is a wonderful story, filled with complex characters and a unique and interesting storyline. Holly Cook is definitely an author to watch and I can’t wait to read her next book. If you love stubborn, dashing heroes, strong, spirited heroines, and a well-written, complex, romantic story--you’ll absolutely love THE SEA WIFE!

Carla Hosom, August 2003

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