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The Pirate Next Door
Jennifer Ashley
ISBN: 0843952776
October 2003

Alexandra Alastair is now a widow. She is not upset that her husband died. He wouldn’t make the “world’s best husband list” in any event. The man would jump anything in a skirt, and not hide the fact either. Alexandra did manage to conceive, but her son lived for one day and then died. The death of her child was almost her undoing. So now, she has decided that she wants another child. Of course, she will have to marry first. Her friend, Lady Featherstone, has aided her in a list of eligible suitors. Now Alexandra is contemplating adding Greyson Finley, Viscount Stokes, to the list. He just moved in next door and is quite handsome.

Through her open window, Alexandra hears shouting coming from next door. Something about the Admiralty and killing. Alexandra charges next door, along with her cook and her footman, and ends up rescuing the Viscount. She also discovers that the Viscount has a daughter. His daughter would be a plus on her list of eligible suitors.

Greyson was a pirate. He is wanted by the Admiralty. He discovered he had a daughter and that he inherited the title. He has been offered a pardon in exchange for the whereabouts of the French King, who has disappeared. Now that Napoleon is in charge in France, the English intend to keep the French King close. Greyson is attracted to Alexandra, but marriage isn’t in his plans. His plans are to get everything settled so that his daughter can inherit.

This is definitely not your Traditional Regency, even though there is danger and a soiree’ and even the clothing typical in a Traditional Regency. The story is well written, with the action leading from event to event, and will hold your attention. The characters are all very well rounded, even though my favorite character was Mrs. Waters with her flirting with “improper” men. The only problem I had with this story was that there was a little too much action. The poor heroine was in one scrape after another, with Greyson constantly coming to her rescue. All in all, this is an exciting read.

Chere Gruver, October 2003

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