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The Pirate Hunter
Jennifer Ashley
ISBN: 0843952806
May 2004
Historical Romance

Lady Diana Worthington has not had an easy time of it. Her father retired as an Admiral in the British Navy. She is now the widow of a Navy Captain. Her marriage was not a happy one. The only bright spot in her marriage was her daughter, Isabeau. Unfortunately, Isabeau lost her hearing after a battle with a fever and Diana’s husband was no longer pleased with the child. After being abducted by the infamous pirate hunter, James Ardmore, her husband filed for separation and Diana took Isabeau and escaped to live with her father on his island, Haven. She’s out walking on the beach with Isabeau when they come across two shipwrecked men. One is a Naval lieutenant and the other is none other than James Ardmore himself. Her father named the Island Haven for a reason and both men are cared for.

James couldn’t believe his luck when he woke up on the sand and found Diana looking down at him. She is the one woman he has always desired above all others. The fiery- haired beauty never left his thoughts from the time she threw a loaf of bread at him during her abduction. He has been trying to get to the island of Haven for some time now and can’t believe his luck in finally being here. When James’ brother died, he extracted a promise from him. His brother’s wife and child were killed by pirate and James promised he would find and kill the man responsible for their deaths. He has tracked the man here.

What will happen between James and Diana? Will they eventually burn in their mutual passion? What of Diana’s father? James is wanted by the British Navy. And there’s also the lieutenant to think about. Even though he lost his memory, what will he do about James? And there’s still the pirate James is hunting? Will he find him? And what will he do when he does?

I have read Jennifer Ashley’s THE PIRATE NEXT DOOR and enjoyed it immensely. I couldn’t imagine how she would be able to come up with another book as entertaining. But, trust me, with THE PIRATE HUNTER, Jennifer Ashley delivers as promised. The passion between Diana and James is explosive. The action is non-stop and the reappearance of characters from THE PIRATE NEXT DOOR is just an added bonus. If you enjoy a good pirate read, don’t miss THE PIRATE HUNTER!

Chere Gruver, May 2004

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