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The Tiger and The Tomb
Bonnie Vanak
ISBN: 0843952997
December 2003
Historical Romance

Lady Katherine Kalila Smithfield is soon to be married. While this would be a welcome change to a lot of women, Katherine is not happy. She has never met her betrothed, Nazim, an Egyptian man who lives with his tribe in the desert. Before Katherine can even meet her soon to be groom however, tragedy strikes. There are men threatening to frame Katherine’s father, if Katherine does not lead them to the map of a sacred tomb said to be filled with gold an riches. The only way to do this is to steal the map from the only person who has it, Ramses, a Khamsin warrior sworn to protect the tomb. Only then can she keep her father safe and out of harms way. But Katherine soon finds that the map is not enough and it is she must find the tomb to release her father. The only problem is Ramses.

Ramses, also known as Nazim, is not happy to learn that the veiled woman who kissed him only did so to steal the sacred map. Even through this betrayal, Ramses comes to her defense and nearly dies in the process. Suddenly the two are left alone in the desert, desert warrior Ramses and the veiled “Kalila”. As Kalila nurses Ramses back to health the two grow closer and closer, sharing secret pains and a not so secret passion for one another. But what will happen when they reveal who they truly are? And what happens when Katherine must choose between her warrior lover and her loyalty to her family?

Once again Bonnie Vanak hits the mark with THE TIGER AND THE TOMB. I thoroughly enjoyed Ms. Vanak’s debut, THE FALCON AND THE DOVE and I couldn’t have imagined a better story for Jabari’s best friend Nazim, than the story that has been delivered to us here. I enjoyed watching Ramses and Katherine become closer and closer as they spent that time alone together. Both Ramses and Katherine are half Egyptian, half English and because of this, both of them are searching for a place to belong. Katherine struggles with these issues but more so because she was scarred on cheek by the claws of a tiger cub when she was a child. This has always set her apart and she’s never felt that anyone could find her beautiful. It took the beautiful love and acceptance that Ramses had for the bride he never even though he could love to give her the courage to finally overcome this old wound.

Bonnie Vanak blends humor, romance and sensuality together with a beautiful historical backdrop to create a highly entertaining, exciting, romantic read. Her work appeals to all romance readers looking for a historical romance filled with twists and turns that keep you on the edge of your seat until that final page is turned

If you’re looking for romance, look no further than Bonnie Vanak. THE TIGER AND THE TOMB is a beautiful love story and I urge you to run out and pick up a copy. With engaging characters, a fresh storyline, and rich historical detail, you can’t go wrong when you read anything by Bonnie Vanak!

Carla Hosom, July 2003

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