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Final Exit
Laurie Breton
ISBN: 155166660X
April 2003
Romantic Suspense

Carolyn Monahan, FBI agent, is on her last case. She’s suffering from what she thinks is burn out, and she’s just broken up with one of her superiors. So when she finds herself flying to Boston to help do a profile on a serial killer, she’s determined this is it. She’d even more determine when she shows up at the Boston PD and finds out that the officer she was to work with has had a heart attack, and she’ll now be working with Lieutenant Conor Rafferty. Conor just happens to be one of the main reasons she’d left her hometown of Boston—that, and the murder of her sister, Meg.

Conor Rafferty isn’t exactly thrilled to be working with Caro again, either. Not after she’d skipped out on him ten years ago, but he’s willing to do whatever it takes to catch this serial killer. Caro is good, but this case has everyone baffled. It’s not long before the case begins to show similarities to the death of Caro’s sister ten years before, and Caro herself begins to look like a target.

In a thrilling tale of love and suspense, Laurie Breton impressed me off the board. I grabbed this book on a lark off the shelf, and finished it in one sitting. The characters are so alive and vivid, it’s like I was watching it take place in front of me. I believe this is Ms. Breton’s first book—I might be wrong here—but if it is, kudos, this woman has a heck of a career in front of her. Superb writing, excellent characters, plotting that will leave you guessing until the last page—what more could you ask for? For romantic suspense lover, look for this one—it’s a not to be missed!!

Melissa Bradley, April 2003

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