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Force of Nature
Susan Johnson
ISBN: 1575668076
March 2003
Historical Romance

Jon Hazard Black’s life is about to change; he is about to discover he has a daughter he never knew existed. The return of an old lover with a beautiful young lady, that just happens to be his daughter Giuseppina (Jo) Attenborough, brings chaos down upon Jon and his family. Things just get more interesting when a family friend, Flynn Ito, meets Jo and their passions run hot.

Jo has lived with her mother in Italy all her life. She has some very modern notions about what a woman’s role is and more times then not they tend to get her into trouble. Has she finally met her match in Flynn?

Flynn is a warrior in spirit and has the reputation of being a dangerous man. He is usually a very reclusive person; he prefers to spend his time on his cattle ranch protecting what is his. But when he meets Jo he finds himself wanting to spend more time in town.

Susan Johnson has created a wonderful book in FORCE OF NATURE The excitement begins as soon as you start reading. Start with a scandal in the making, move on to some steamy love scenes and romance, add in some tragedy and a bit of brutality, then tie it all up with love and you have what FORCE OF NATURE has to offer it’s reader. I thoroughly enjoyed FORCE OF NATURE and would recommend it to anyone that enjoys Historical/Western Romance, with a warning that there is some sexual assault that takes place so it may not be for everyone.

Teresa Riley, June 2003

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