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A Diamond’s Allure
Eboni Snoe
ISBN: 1583143394
May 2003
Contemporary Romance

All Sienna Russell wants is a normal life with her long time love, Hawk Jackson. Her business is thriving and her cycle as the Stonekeeper is over. Or so she thinks. In the days before they are to go to Hawaii for a gem show Hawk starts acting strange, Sienna gets involved in a robbery and they break up. Sienna receives some startling news and decides to try to reconcile with Hawk. Then off they go to Hawaii where things really start to happen.

A DIAMOND’S ALLURE is the third installment in Eboni Shoe’s Stonekeeper series of which I have not yet read the first two books. I found it to be an entertaining read even though I felt lost at times. I did enjoy the story even though it left me feeling slightly dissatisfied at the end. I really liked the interaction between Sienna and her best friend and with Hawk too. Though there were times I wanted to smack each one of them and tell them to grow up.

I highly recommend reading the first two books in this series before picking this one up. I am assuming that several things are explained in the earlier books that are never really clear to me in this one.

Diane Mason, June 2003

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