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Strong Spirits
Alice Duncan
ISBN: 0821775170
February 2003
Historical Romance

Looking for something different? Pick up a copy of Alice Duncan's STRONG SPIRITS and take a trip into the Roaring Twenties. This novel is not the typical romance. It is also a first rate mystery.

Daisy Majesty was a spiritualist. She read the Ouija Board, Tarot Cards and gave séances for a living. Daisy must support her invalid husband. Daisy's only rule was to make up fortunes that helped her clients. Daisy mostly helped Mrs. Kincaid, a rich client in Pasadena. Daisy had become like a daughter to Mrs. Kincaid.

Detective Sam Rotondo had to solve a mystery. Someone had stolen bearer bonds from the bank. All the suspects led him right back to the rich set living in the Kincaid mansion. Sam convinces Daisy to keep her ears and eyes open and report anything strange to him. In other words, Daisy had to spy on her friend, Mrs. Kincaid, and her family.

Daisy Majesty did not like Detective Sam Rotondo. She did not like him practically forcing her to spy on her friend and best customer, Mrs. Kincaid. Nor did she appreciate the fact that he felt contempt for her line of work. It did not matter that he was right about what she did. The only thing she did appreciate about Sam was his interest in her husband, Billy Majesty. Billy had been gassed and shot on the French frontier and came back from Germany in a wheelchair.

STRONG SPIRITS was a terrific book about life in the roaring Twenties. Alice Duncan's main character is sassy and spirited. While she has not completely embraced the fads of the Twenties, she is a modern woman. I look forward to reading the second book in this romantic mystery series--FINE SPIRITS will be out in July, 2003.

Dawn Myers, February 2003

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