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Like a Knife
Annie Solomon
ISBN: 0446612308
January 2003
Contemporary Romance

Rachel Goodman has witnessed some horrible atrocities in her life, including the death of her own parents. Knowing what that can do to a child brought about the opening of her preschool, which caters to children who have experienced or witnessed violence and death in their life times. The preschool is currently being held in a church that was kind enough to help out, and Rachel was lucky enough (or not) to hire handy man Nick Raine six months ago. Nick is a total mystery to Rachel, seemingly a huge recluse. When Rachel discovers that Nick is a former gunrunner, and that she’s somehow stumbled into the middle of a fight between him and his former boss, she’s stunned. If Nick fails in what his former boss, Spier, wants accomplished, Rachel is sure to suffer. Nick and Rachel quickly begin to feel much more for one another than either thought was ever possible, but will they live to act on it?

LIKE A KNIFE is an incredibly gripping, suspenseful tale. For a first book, Annie Solomon grips your attention from page one and doesn’t let go. The atmospheric description is incredible, pulling you right in, and the characters are flawed and easy to relate to. For lovers of suspense, don’t miss LIKE A KNIFE. It’s sure to be an all nighter!

Melissa Bradley, February 2003

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