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Quade: The Irresistible One
Bronwyn Jameson
Silhouette Desire #1487
ISBN: 0373764871
January 2003
Category Romance

A beautiful woman upset about silk sheets is the last thing Cameron Quade expects when he steps into his bedroom, but that’s just what he finds. He left the small town of Plenty a few years back and after suffering heartbreak at the hands of his callous, power driven fiancée, Quade decides it’s time to come home. But what’s more surprising than the woman in his bedroom is the identity of said woman: The infuriating Chantal Goodwin. Chantal is the last kind of woman that Quade is looking for. So why is it he can’t seem to keep his mind on anything else?

Chantal is an up and coming attorney and she knows it isn’t a good idea to say no to the boss-Quade’s uncle Godfrey-so she agrees to help ready the house for Quade’s return, hoping it will make an impression on Godfrey. She had wanted to be gone before Quade arrived but of course he’s early, leaving Chantal to try to escape as quickly as possible. Chantal realizes that she’s just as attracted to Quade as she once was, when she’d had a huge crush on him. But a crush isn’t close to how Chantal feels once she and Quade begin to get closer and closer. Chantal is certain that he could never feel the things for her that she feels for him so she decides that keeping her distance is the only thing to do. But neither party ever realized how strong the pull of their attraction could be….or the surprising scenario it could lead to!

QUADE: THE IRRESISTIBLE ONE by Bronwyn Jameson is a solid, fast paced, romantic read. The characters were extremely realistic and very enjoyable. I tried not to give too much away because there is important info that you will learn as the story progresses. To give away anything from the story would spoil it for you and I didn’t want to do that. Things like what happened with Quade and his ex-fiancée and the conflict that arises at the end that has an impact on both characters. I think these are better discovered as you continue to read the story.

I really enjoyed Chantal, especially how unsure she could be about things she was certain she could never succeed at. On the outside, she seemed to be this totally together lawyer and it was very realistic to see her struggle with insecurities when it came to herself and to Quade. Quade was another one of Ms. Jameson’s trademark strong and sexy heroes and I really enjoyed the pairing of these two dynamic characters. If there was anything I didn’t like, it was how abruptly the story ended. It seemed like it was over so quickly and I felt like these characters had more to say. But I understand that as a category read, sometimes the story must end faster than we want it to.

I can most definitely recommend QUADE: THE IRRESISTIBLE ONE by Bronwyn Jameson. Ms. Jameson has proven herself to be a masterful storyteller by creating two fresh, enigmatic characters and by having their relationship blossom in such a beautifully rich setting as Australia. The characters were realistic and engaging, the storyline was fresh and interesting and the setting was unique, proving you can’t go wrong by reading any romance by Bronwyn Jameson.

Carla Hosom, December 2002

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