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Once a Dreamer
Candice Hern
ISBN: 0060505621
December 2002
Historical Romance

Simon Westover is a man who believes in true love. He has searched diligently to find it, without success. So he turns his thoughts of fancy to helping others find their true loves - as The Busybody in one of the ton's most well known publications for ladies. Eleanor Tennant is incensed to learn that not only has her young niece written to The Busybody, but that she plans to follow the "woman's" advice. The advice sends her charge on the path to Gretna Green. Eleanor demands help from the interfering columnist only to learn the real identity of the writer and finds herself on the road with a very handsome man for a traveling companion.

Simon Westover is a charming hero as he attempts to pen odes to upper lips and other body parts while trying to disarm the very cynical Eleanor. His sense of humor and honor are convincingly conveyed by the author. He sharply contrasts to the object of his affection, a woman who does not have a romantic bone in her body and even less faith in true love. Their feelings evolve gradually, clearly as the delightful romp unfolds with a well-balanced mix of humor and sensuality.

Lea Moyer, April 2003

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