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Guilty Little Secrets
Connie Lane
ISBN: 0440237467
April 2003
Contemporary Romance

Rosie Malone doesn't feel much like a federal agent for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms as dressed in a clown costume, she waits in the atomic Nevada heat to connect with an informant. She'd need to revise her thinking moments later when she was running down a back alley of Las Vegas, her clown feet flopping against the pavement, trying to outrun a black SUV intent on ending her clown career permanently. Mack didn't feel much like playing hero-of-the-day as he approached the Silver Sands casino to audition for the role of male stripper. But he had to revise his thinking moments later when he glanced down the alley and saw a clown frozen between himself and a truck coming at warp speed intent on turning everyone in its path to road kill. Without a seconds hesitation he sprang to life an.......

This is the fast-paced opening of Connie Lane's latest novel GUILTY LITTLE SECRETS. Nine millimeter 9A-91 small assault rifles produced in Russia especially for the Russian Ministry are finding their way into the hands of teenage punks robbing the local convenience stores. Rosie, posing as a clown, aka Las Vegas showgirl and Mack, posing as a male stripper find themselves interweaved into a plot of twists, turns, and intrigue. Both are secretly in pursuit of the supplier of these weapons. And as the romance between Rosie and Mack heats do the questions. If Rosie is an undercover ATF agent, then who is Mack? And why does all the evidence start to pile up in his direction? And how can Rosie listen to her head when her heart is getting in the way?

This story takes place against the flash and sizzle of Las Vegas. Readers get realistic glimpses of life behind the scenes, in the dressing rooms of the showgirls to the spotlights of the stage. The characters are not the sweet, uncomplicated people often found in romance stories. They are tough, streetwise, and kick-ass. Keeping you guessing till the end, if you're looking for something a little different from norm, something tougher, grittier, with a hint of humor dusting the pages along with suspense, violence and sex....this book is for you.

Diane Burke, April 2003

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