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Under Siege
Catherine Mann
Silhouette Intimate Moments #1198
ISBN: 0373272685
January 2003
Category Romance

Julia Sinclair wanted nothing more than to be the best possible mother to her new son, especially since she was forced to be a single parent as a result of a C-17 crash that claimed the life of her husband. Lt. Col. Zach Dawson wanted nothing more than to help the widow of a pilot killed under his command and to raise his two daughters since their mother ran off. To Zach’s way of thinking, combining forces with the delectable Julia made perfect sense. The explosive chemistry between the couple made the marriage of convenience very inconvenient indeed. Who would be the first to blink in this ultimate game of chicken?

Catherine Mann’s “Wingmen Warriors” series continues with a bang as she tackles the story of a workaholic commander and a confused widow. Her Air Force heroes are the stuff dreams are made of and the women who love them are strong and dynamic. Just who holds who “under siege” shifts back and forth as the relationship progresses with a quickly moving plot. Zach’s oldest daughter gets a chance to share her point of view with the readers and brings a delightful perspective to the story. Added to this, Catherine tackles the issues of a special needs child with a touching sensitivity. This romantic and moving tale is a must for fans of military men…and awesome love stories!

Lea Moyer, December 2002

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