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Just 4 Play
Cindi Myers
Harlequin Blaze #82
ISBN: 0373790864
April 2003
Category Romance

Jill Sheldon adores her job at Just 4 Play, a lingerie and sex toy shop. Jill believes in living life to the fullest and having fun-and what's more fun than the fantasies fulfilled by Just 4 Play? Jill believes that the store provides a much needed service to the community, and she can't imagine why anyone would want to close the shop down-until the new owner arrives. He plans to shut it down and fast! Jill can't let that happen, so she decides to use the many products the store offers to help her convince the sexy, if slightly uptight, new owner to keep the store open. But she never bargained on losing her heart in the process.

The last thing Mitch Landry wants is to own a sex toy shop, but unfortunately he is now the owner thanks to his Uncle Griff. His uncle left the business to him when he died and Mitch knows just what to do with the place-shut it down and renovate the site for a new restaurant. Mitch has spent far too long working to create a respectable, stable life for both his sister and himself. Even though his sister is all grown up, Mitch still craves the acceptance and credibility he never had growing up. And there is nothing respectable or beneficial in being the owner of an erotic store-well, maybe there are a few beneficial things, especially Jill Sheldon. But can Mitch keep to his original plans when Jill turns on her most considerable charms?

JUST 4 PLAY by Cindi Myers is an unbelievably HOT, seductive and sexy romance. The characters are real and genuine and the storyline is enjoyable and interesting. Both Jill and Mitch start out as two people who almost seem to be using one another for the mutual satisfaction they elicit from each other. But as the story progresses, the characters begin to grow and change. Jill and Mitch come across as self-assured, but you soon realize that they are terrified-terrified of giving too much of themselves or sacrificing parts of their identity as they get closer and closer. Soon Jill becomes the one who is seduced-and that scares her. It's only when these two come together with no walls between them that they realize the significance of what they've found in one another.

The only thing I didn't necessarily enjoy was the length of the secondary characters' story. While I enjoyed those characters, I felt that a lot of their mutual dialogue and meetings took away from the main story and distracted me. I felt like that space could have been used to provide a little more background on each of the main characters. But this is only a slight hitch in an otherwise solid story.

That being said, overall I enjoyed the story and the main characters. Ms. Myers knows how to push the envelope when it comes to the boundaries of erotic detail. If you love your stories HOT, HOT, HOT you will absolutely love this story. Cindi Myers knows how to blend romance and scorching sensuality to create stories that readers love, and JUST 4 PLAY is no exception.

Carla Hosom, March 2003

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