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The Playboy
Carly Phillips
ISBN: 0446610550
January 2003
Contemporary Romance

Rick Chandler has a serious problem. The poor man is besieged by marriage minded women, thanks to his equally marriage minded mother. Whatís a single cop in a small town to do? The answer comes to him in the form of sexy runaway bride Kendall Sutton. Her vow of single-hood meshes perfectly with Rickís, making her the perfect foil to his motherís plans to haul him up to the altar. They become pretend lovers in an effort to throw the women in town off his trail. Until Rick no longer wants to play games but would rather play house with Kendall for keeps.

THE PLAYBOY is the follow up to Carly Phillipís wonderfully successful THE BACHELOR. Rickís story more than fills the shoes left by his now happily married brother. It is playfully sexy and witty as Rick does everything in his power to live life on his own terms despite the interference from his mother. Even as Carly develops the relationship between Rick and Kendall, she draws a wonderful picture of a sonís unconditional love for his mother and explores the joys of finding love a second time later in life. This second book in the Chandler bachelorís trilogy is a passionate, sexy, and thoroughly enjoyable read.

Lea Moyer, December 2002

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