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Hot Pursuit
Christina Skye
ISBN: 0440237599
February 2003
Contemporary Romance

Taylor O’Toole is a best selling suspense writer who has a big problem. After taking an unofficial surveillance job for a friend, things go from bad to worse. Finding out she has a hunky new neighbor who can cook doesn’t help matters at all.

Navy Seal Jack Broussard is not a happy camper when he gets called back from a dangerous mission for a top-secret surveillance assignment. A navy scientist has gone missing and somehow Taylor is connected. Taylor O’Toole is a major complication that Jack just doesn’t need.

The first meeting between Jack and Taylor is a hoot and just gets better as we follow Taylor from mishap to mishap. After another mishap lands Taylor’s pregnant sister, Annie in the hospital Jack comes to the conclusion that Taylor has gotten herself into a real nasty situation.

HOT PURSUIT is exactly what the title implies. We have a fast moving, hot story about bad guys after an all-unknowing victim leading to a road trip, which will literally keep you on the edge of your seat. The interaction between the main characters and even the secondary characters really help to make this an exciting book to read. Readers will enjoy seeing characters from previous books again. I highly recommend HOT PURSUIT to everybody.

Diane Mason, January 2003

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