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Midnight Rain
Dee Davis
ISBN: 0804119775
December 2002
Romantic Suspense

Jonathan Brighton had the perfect life. Rich, CEO of his own company that he'd started himself, good looking.all the ingredients for a wonderful life. Until it all suddenly fall apart after an accident that resulted in him loosing part of his memory. And unfortunately, the things he can't remember seem to be the most important what had he been doing on his way to Mexico? And why had he given a man that died that same day a large amount of cash? It seemed like Jonathan's great life was built with a house of cards, and they'd just been hit by a windstorm. The only good things he's got going right now are the fact that he's alive, and his new physical therapist, Katie. She seems too good to be true, and just what he needs to help him figure his way out of this situation.

Kathleen Cavanaugh, FBI agent cum physical therapist, finds herself serving on an undercover case trying to scare up evidence that Jonathan Brighton is guilty not only of murder, but of espionage, and other heinous crimes. Only once she sets herself up and begins to know John, she finds that not only is he not faking his memory loss, but that she cannot believe that this man is guilty of any of the accusations against him. And she can't help herself from falling for this perfect man.even though he's a suspect, and she's supposed to be the professional. Katie soon finds herself torn between a job she's always loved, and helping to prove a man she's come to love innocent. And how will she ever explain to John the betrayal she's acting out?

Dee Davis has written another page-turner, one that's a Pandora's Box. Just when you think you've figured it out, there's another villain owing up to something, but never the big crime. It seems Jonathan's whole life was full of 'friends' who were out to take advantage, and who just can't wait to see him go down.or help him go down. But who is the murderer among them? WOW, this story really takes you on a roller coaster ride, and keeps you guessing about the twists and turns that are to come. As a bonus, we get to watch the love develop between Jonathan and Katie, and the struggles to overcome all the things that are against them. Full of a cast of intriguing supporting characters, and surprise after surprise, Ms. Dee has definitely penned a winner. Taut suspense, great can't go wrong on this one!

Melissa Bradley, November 2002

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