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A Place Called Rainwater
Dorothy Garlock
ISBN: 0446529508
January 2003
Historical Romance

The year is 1929 and Jill Jones arrives in Rainwater, Oklahoma to help her dying aunt. It is during the oil bomb and her Aunt Justine runs a hotel and needs her to take over. Feisty and determined, Jill doesn't take any guff off of the men in this rough and tumble town. She can hold her own and thus earns the nickname wildcat.

Jill's brother, Joe has asked Thad Taylor to look after his sister until he can get to Rainwater. Thad is a longtime family friend and treats Jill like a little sister. He appoints himself her protector much to her chagrin. According to Jill he is not welcome and too bossy. However, Thad is staying and Jill has to get used to it. He makes himself handy around the hotel much to Aunt Justine's delight.

When a woman is gruesomely murdered and a man is harassing her aunt, Jill is glad to have Thad around. Joe and his friend Blue arrive on the scene for reinforcement. Together these three men, Jill, and a dear friend of Justine's, Radna, fight to save the hotel and their lives from an evil predator.

As events unfold Jill and Thad's feelings become ones of love instead of the longtime childhood friendship they once had. Two other romances are blossoming at the same time, one of them being Blue and Radna.

Suspense, secrets and love combine to make the premise of a strong plot and unique characters. A PLACE CALLED RAINWATER is rich in period detail and vivid descriptions. Dorothy Garlock's latest comes highly recommended.

Tami Sutton, January 2003

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