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The Warrior’s Game
Denise Hampton
ISBN: 0060509104
January 2003
Historical Romance

Lady Amicia is a widow with no other family. She is a ward of King John, and has been for 4 years. Ami has spent the time trying to avoid the king’s eye. When she is called to the king’s private quarters - alone - she is sure that she is about to become the king’s whore. What happens instead is a game.

Sir Michel de Martigny is one of the most feared knights in the king’s service, and also the most handsome. He’s a mercenary, and looked down upon for several reasons. He’s not of noble blood, nor is he from England. Yet, he has the king’s favor. What he wants, is a bride. One who has a decent income from her properties?

Ami has two suitors, but she isn’t fully aware of it. Her current estate manager wishes to marry her, a prospect that Ami is none too thrilled with. Michel also wishes to wed her, but he is afraid to let anyone know just how much. He knows how King John would react to knowing that Michel wants to wed her for any reason other than for money - by simply not allowing their marriage. And so, the games begin.

King John makes Michel Ami’s new estate manager. Ami figures that the best way to keep Michel from stealing everything not nailed down, would be to make him have genuine feelings for her. She doesn’t know that Michel has already asked for her hand in marriage. King John meanwhile, is playing his own game with both Ami and Michel. Each of the three people try to second guess the others. It’s almost like Survivor: Outwit, Outplay… The funniest thing about it all, is that all three people want the same thing! It’s *how* they get what they want that matters.

THE WARRIOR'S GAME is a story that will hold your attention from page one. There is genuine chemistry between Michel and Ami from the very first time they meet. Ami tries to fight it, since Michel is not the kind of man she would pick for her next husband. Ami is not a timid virgin type, either - she knows what arouses a man, and she uses her knowledge on Michel. The first love scene will knock your socks off!

The story ended a bit abruptly. Perhaps it was simply that I enjoyed it so much that I didn’t want it to end, but it seemed as though there was unfinished business. I think I would have liked an epilogue, to show what happened to everyone - how the villains were punished, etc.

All in all, this is a must read for those who like medieval stories!

Susan Delaney, January 2003

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