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After the Rains
Deborah Raney
Waterbrook Press
ISBN: 1578565766
September 2002
Contemporary Romance

AFTER THE RAINS is the sequel to the award-winning author Deborah Raney's BENEATH A SOUTHERN SKY.

Sara Dever was Natalie Joan Camfield's best friend in the whole wide world. They were inseparable. Sara did not understand what was going on in Natalie's life. All of a sudden, she was rebelling against her daddy and God. Natalie did not understand what was going on in her life either. She just knew that she was tired of her daddy telling her what to do and she was tired of Sara questioning her decisions. Even tonight Sara had argued against going to the party at Hansens. Natalie was going to the party and not even Sara would change her mind.

Even though everyone involved had forgiven Natalie for her part in the tragedy the night of Hansens' party, Natalie could not forgive herself. After graduating from high school and moving to college, Natalie literally ran into Evan Greenway. Evan, the other person who had regrets about the night of Hansens' party, became Natalie's college love. The mistake of that night had drawn Evan and Natalie closer to God and to each other. Evan was in love with Natalie and wanted to marry her but was that really God's will?

Natalie felt God's calling to Colombia to join her missionary father, Nate, who was a doctor. She realized Evan did not understand her call to Colombia but she left with his blessing. David Chambers, the former teacher who was there to create a written language for the village of Timone', felt an attraction to Natalie. David could not allow the attraction because of his past. Natalie loved David but knew they did not have a future because of her tragic past. It would take another tragedy in their lives to realize God's will.

Deborah Raney has written a powerful novel about God's divine plan and following God's will. This novel should be read by teenagers of all ages. While this novel is a keeper, it should not set on a shelf but be passed around among friends. Be sure to keep a box of tissue on hand when reading this novel.

Dawn Myers, November 2002

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