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Sweet Hush
Deborah Smith
Little Brown & Co.
ISBN: 0316806501
March 2003
Contemporary Romance

SWEET HUSH by Deborah Smith is the story of how the McGillen, Thackery, and Jacobs families blend their traditions into new traditions for future generations.

Hush McGillen the 5th has led a life of hard work, yet has managed to turn a poor apple orchard into a multi-million dollar business that has provided for not only her immediate family, but a multitude of her extended McGillen-Thackery relatives as well. Her apple orchard is located in Chocinaw County Georgia, and is the major employer in the area.

Hush finally thinks her life is on track, and nothing and no one can derail her. Her son Davis comes home with much unexpected news and Hush finds herself under a media scrutiny that is usually only reserved for celebrities and important political figures. She is naïve enough to believe that her secrets are buried deep enough that no one can uncover them.

When those secrets get uncovered life is no longer the same for Hush. Her world expands out of necessity, and the love and respect she has worked for are endangered. However, in her typical take the bull by the horns way she also works through these major road twists.

Ms. Smith has done a superb job of transporting her reader from the mountainsides of Chocinaw County, to the cities of Atlanta, and Chicago, and even to the power of the White House. The story is written for the most part in the first person point of view, and when the hero Nick Jakobek is introduced he also talks in the first person point of view. At first I found this a bit confusing, but as I read a bit more it became easier to figure out who was talking…Nick or Hush.

SWEET HUSH is in my opinion women’s fiction. Ms. Smith has told a story that I think will withstand the test of time. I look forward to the next offering from her.

Sandi Shilhanek, February 2003

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