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Catching Midnight
Emma Holly
ISBN: 0515135305
April 2003
Paranormal Romance

At a tender young age, Gillian found herself forced out into the street by her mother to most likely die. Instead, she was taken in by an ancient and immortal being and given eternal life. Trapped in a cave with the rest of her den, she yearns for nothing more than freedom. Shifting shapes to that of a bird, she ends up being caught by Aimery Fitz Claire, a master falconer. Lured by Aimery's sensitive and compassionate nature, Gillian comes to him in human form, to learn of the world and love. She longs for the freedom his love can give her, if the members of her pack don't find her first.

Emma Holly's darkly erotic story seduces the reader from the very beginning and refuses to let go. She creates a world where lightness and dark, human and non-human mingle fluidly. The sensuality of her writing extends past the love scenes to embrace the story as a whole. With well-defined characters and an intriguing plot, newcomers to Emma Holly and avid readers alike will all find something to enjoy in this gothic-esque paranormal tale.

Lea Moyer, April 2003

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