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Baby, Be Mine
Emily McKay
Harlequin Temptation #912
ISBN: 0373691122
January 2003
Category Romance

Take a normally responsible adult female and a tall, good looking bad boy and you have BABY, BE MINE by Emily McKay.

Tabitha Talbot and Sam Stevens are morning DJ’s on a local radio station. One day Tabitha finds out she is pregnant, her boyfriend dumps her and Sam finds out she is pregnant. Now Tabitha has to learn how to deal with the unexpected turn her life has taken.

It seems that Sam has always been attracted to Tabitha but never did anything about it because he didn’t want to ruin their on air relationship. Tabitha’s situation finally gives him the opportunity to do something about it. Of course things don’t work out as Sam planned and he finds himself falling in love. On the other hand, Tabitha is learning to deal with a situation she never thought she’d find herself in. Things like this only happened to other people. Not her, she had her entire life planned out and single parenthood wasn’t on the list.

The chemistry between Sam and Tabitha is very hot. Following these two very strong willed people down their rocky road was very entertaining. Some of the situations they find themselves in are very funny. Overall, I found BABY, BE MINE to be a very enjoyable read.

Diane Mason, December 2002

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