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The Ghost of Carnal Cove
Evelyn Rogers
ISBN: 084395115X
December 2002
Paranormal Romance

You wouldn’t think that someone searching for peace, quiet and privacy would settle in a place called Carnal Cove, but that is just what Makenna Lindsay does. After finding the deed to a cottage among her late mother’s papers, she sets out for the place. Makenna has recently suffered a huge betrayal, at the hands of the man she loved no less, and all she desires is to get away from London and start over. Starting over for Makenna is moving into the small cottage on the beach, to live a life of solitude. But life is never quite as easy as that. Makenna’s life is constantly disrupted—she is constantly warned away from the intriguing Captain Saintjohn and Captain Saintjohn himself disrupts her life on a daily basis just by being near. But Makenna’s life is also turned upside down by a ghost at Carnal Cove—and by the importance the apparition will play in Makenna’s life.

Captain Nicholas Saintjohn wants Makenna to leave the cove so that he can live in peace! Even though he feels that he is not a passionate man, he begins to feel very passionately for his new neighbor. Unfortunately Nicholas has his own demons to attend to. And soon two very passionate people who wanted nothing but solitude find peace and happiness where they least expected to find it—in each other.

I really enjoyed the characters in THE GHOST OF CARNAL COVE. I thought that both of the main characters were well developed and perfectly matched. Both characters came into their relationship with issues from the past that they had to work through. While it took them a while to warm up to each other, they soon realize that the peace they are searching for can only be found if they work together, and that’s never an easy lesson to learn. Luckily both characters come together to work through those issues as well as solving the mystery surrounding the ghost at Carnal Cove—and the link it has to one of the characters.

THE GHOST OF CARNAL COVE by Evelyn Rogers is a very dark, mysterious romance. While the story does get off to a slow start, once the story begins to pick up the pace, it flies along leaving the reader breathless. Everything needed for a great gothic romance is present here—the tortured, alluring, brooding hero, a heroine with her own demons to deal with, terrific paranormal elements—it’s all here. If you love your romance darkly romantic with a nice touch of the paranormal, you’ll absolutely love THE GHOST OF CARNAL COVE!

Carla Hosom, November 2002

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