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Almost a Princess
Elizabeth Thornton
ISBN: 0553584898
January 2003
Historical Romance

Jane Mayberry is content with her secluded life as a bluestocking. She craves nothing more than championing women’s rights. She learned the hard way about men and wants to help women. When Case Devere, the Earl of Castleton crosses her path, her life veers off in an unexpected and complicated direction. Case is investigating a murder he believes to have been committed by a man thought long dead. He believes Jane can help him. Case soon discovers that he needs Jane not only to further his investigation, but to fill a void in his life. Both of them, however, have secrets in their pasts that complicate any future.

Elizabeth Thornton delivers a historical romantic suspense that manages to keep the reader guessing even as it weaves a solid romance in this fast paced page turner. She drops clues as to the reason for the malicious behavior heaped on Case, without insulting the reader. She deals honestly with a difficult subject for the time, not shirking from the stigma of the situation. The characters remain true to themselves as they learn to grow and trust in each other. Interspersed through this are two villains, one more evil than the next, and an unfortunate scapegoat. This story is a treat for fans of both historicals and romantic suspense.

Lea Moyer, January 2003

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