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Hannah’s Half-Breed
Heidi Betts
ISBN: 0843950730
January 2003
Historical Romance

As children, Hannah and David had grown up together. Not only were they both wards of the Purgatory Home for Unwanted Children, they were friends as well. It was an odd combination, a small white girl befriending an older half breed boy, but they had an unbreakable bond. Hannah suffered from nightmares about her parent’s accident but David was always there for her, chasing away the demons. When David was adopted, they parted ways, but their thoughts were never far from the other.

Years later, Hannah has become the school teacher for the town of Purgatory. She is fairly satisfied with her life but still thinks of David often. Then one night an injured man literally lands on her doorstep in need of help. The man who calls himself Spirit Walker bares little resemblance to the boy she once knew.

Walker, as he now calls himself in the white world, has come to Hannah for help. He is on a mission to help his family and knows he can trust her. Hannah agrees, without hesitation. Although, involving herself in this situation might put her reputation in question. She is willing to risk her school position, her life and reputation to help this man. She has realized that her childish hero worship for Walker is long gone. It has been replaced with the deeper feelings of love. Walker's feelings run as deep as Hannah's. However, he resists a relationship with her due to his own insecurities. Being a half breed, he doesn't feel worthy of Hannah. He doesn't want to see the townspeople shun her. But, Hannah is out to prove to him wrong and proceeds to show him just how misconceived he is.

HANNAH'S HALF BREED was a moving tale with strong characters. Love, acceptance and protecting those you love made up the premise for a wonderful story. Heidi Betts is sure to capture your heart with this one.

Tami Sutton, November 2002

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