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Interviews coming soon:

  • Amy J. Fetzer
  • Jill Metcalf
  • Anne Marie Winston
  • Madeline Baker
  • Catherine Anderson
  • Deb Stover
  • Victoria Dark
  • Heidi Betts
  • Lynsay Sands
  • Nina Bruhns
  • Debra Mullins
  • Melanie George
  • Karen Hawkins
  • Jamie Denton
  • Susan Grant
  • Carrie Alexander
  • Laura Marie Altom
  • Millie Criswell
  • Karen Hawkins
  • Lissa Manley
  • Melissa McClone
  • Kathleen Nance
  • Diane Pershing
  • Sari Robins
  • Jamie Sobrato
  • Cara Summers
  • Temptation Authors
  • Ronda Thompson
  • Past interviews will be added as soon as they can be converted over to the new design/layout. While we have enjoyed doing interviews in the past we feel who better to ask the questions than the readers. In the future we will be offering readers the chance to do just that with our new Q & A section.

    Every month will feature a new author that you can ask questions of, whether about their books or about writing, and we'll post them in our Q & A section for everyone to enjoy and participate in. If there's a specific author you'd like to see as our Q & A author drop us a line. We'll do out best to schedule that author.

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