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Wilde Thing
Janelle Denison
Kensington Brava
ISBN: 0758203594
July 2003
Contemporary Romance

Liz Adams is desperate to find her missing cousin, even if they're not what you'd call close. She takes her responsibilities towards her cousin seriously and she's not about to let her aunt and uncle down once again after disappointing them by marrying someone they didn't approve of, especially when they'd been right about her deceased husband. So, with the help of the drop dead gorgeous bad boy who frequents her coffee shop, Liz hires Steve Wilde to help her find her cousin, which involves Liz getting hired at The Ultimate Fantasy, a phone sex business and the place where her cousin worked.

What ensues is hot and heavy phone sex between Steve and Liz on a nightly basis, which they hope will get them invited to one of the exclusive Ultimate Fantasy parties so they can find out more about Valerie and the guy she was last seen with. The sex doesn't end on the phone, though, but spills over into after hours, when Liz gets off work and heads home only to find Steve waiting and more than ready to continue the fantasy.

I'm sitting here quietly thinking what can I say that would do justice to this book? That's a hard one. Ms. Denison has always been known for her hot and steamy romances. That's nothing new. What is new is her jump from category romance to single title. And to say she's done it beautifully and has blazed a path along the way is an understatement. Wilde Thing blew me away! The flames can indeed get hotter and hotter. It's filled with erotic scene after erotic scene that burns all the way from beginning to end. You have your to-die-for bad boy who's all man and then some and a heroine that's an equal match for our anything goes hero. And anything does go, make no mistake about it! Wilde Thing is an erotic fantasy any woman would love to live, if you're daring enough! If you love them highly erotic and boiling over then don't miss Wilde Thing! Ms. Denison doesn't disappoint with her first single title and I can only wonder how she's going to wow us with her coming releases. They can't get here soon enough for this reader! So did I do it justice? I think not!

Barb Hoeter, March 2003

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