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Cindy and the Fella
Jacqueline Diamond
Harlequin Duets #89
ISBN: 037344155X
December 2002
Category Romance

Cindy McChad is completely shocked when her long time fiancée breaks up with her through a rather impersonal email. Roland and Cindy have been the best of friends since fifth grade and Cindy just won’t accept that their relationship could be over. Roland left their small town to pursue a Masters Degree in California so Cindy decides to follow him there to convince him to change his mind. Yes, there may be another woman in Roland’s life now, but that can change with the help of Professor Hugh Bemling. Hugh has a thing for Blair, Roland’s new love interest, and he has tried everything to impress her, but to no avail. When Cindy shows up, Hugh decides that t he two should work together to get what they want. But they never thought that in the end, they would want each other most of all!

Jacqueline Diamond has created a charming holiday romance with CINDY AND THE FELLA. The characters were unique and the storyline was humorous and romantic. Hugh wasn’t a hero you’ll see a whole lot of in romance, but I think he was a welcome change. Hugh had spent so much time in search of the perfect woman worthy of the poetry he writes, the he doesn’t recognize how perfect he and Cindy are for one another. Cindy suffers in the same way: She’s so used to being with Roland, and is convinced that he is the one for her, that she doesn’t realize how perfect Hugh is for her until it’s almost too late.

Another great aspect of the story is how realistic it is. How many people settle into a routine and never realize that it’s stopped working for them or they just aren’t happy anymore? Both characters have fallen into that trap but help to pull each other out of it. As they both grow and change, they begin to see what they’ve been missing out of life—which leads them right to each other.

Two realistic, endearing main characters and some quirky, hilarious senior citizen secondary characters makes CINDY AND THE FELLA a delightful holiday treat! Jacqueline Diamond knows how to create characters you care about and stories you love. I highly recommend this sweet holiday romance to anyone looking for a terrific gift--or just be greedy and keep the magic all to yourself!

Carla Hosom, December 2002

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