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To Kiss a Spy
Jane Feather
ISBN: 0553583077
January 2003
Historical Romance

Owen D'Arcy was a master spy for France. While he was deadly with a rapier, Owen preferred to use his masterful seduction skills to gain information. Seeing Lady Penelope Bryanston, Owen realized his latest assignment of getting close to her to gain information about Princess Mary might be his most enjoyable. The widowed Lady Pen would require a very good reason to relay information him. Pen was Princess Mary's closest confidant and friend.

Lady Pen Bryanston would never be satisfied until she was positive her son had been stillborn. Pen was positive she had heard him cry! Her mother-in-law would do anything to ensure her second son, Miles, became Earl of Bryanston. Pen did not believe her mother-in-law or the midwives when they said her son had been stillborn. Could her mother-in-law stoop so low as to commit murder? Could she be the reason for the death of her husband, Philip?

Lady Penelope readily agreed to feed Owen D'Arcy information about Princess Mary for his help in discovering the truth about her son. Owen, unlike her family, actually believed her when she told him her suspicions. Together they embarked on a journey of political intrigue, danger, self discovery and love.

Jane Feather never disappoints her fans. TO KISS A SPY was a great book. The undercurrents that play between situations and characters hold the reader's attention and interest. Ms. Feather creates characters that are believable and the reader gets caught up in their situations. I can't wait for Pippa's story, KISSED BY SHADOWS, to be released.

Dawn Myers, January 2003

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