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Comanche Woman
Joan Johnston
ISBN: 0440236800
December 2002
Historical Romance

Three years previously Bayleigh Stewart was taken captive by Indians. She left behind her life that included being the daughter of the richest cotton planter in Texas and two sisters. In those three years one man has made it his quest to find her. Not just to return Bayleigh to her family but to make her his.

Long Quiet is a man of two worlds. He is a half breed Indian who has lived both as a Comanche and as a white man. To the white world he is known as Walker Coburn. He has search to no avail for this violet eyed woman. But as fate would have it he was led to her by her captor. Shadow, as Bayleigh is called by her captors, has resigned herself to never being found. But Long Quiet arrives at the village and changes that. Reluctantly, she starts to trust him because he is her ticket to freedom. However, she has a hard time leaving due to the fact she is going to leave behind someone she loves dearly. As events unfold she has no choice but to leave with Long Quiet, as soon as possible.

They both fall in love with each other but Long Quiet is more restrained with his feelings. At one time, Bayleigh was used to the finer things in life, things that he feels he can't give her. So, once he sees her safely home, he leaves. Bayleigh on the other hand, wants not material things, but only the man himself.

Long Quiet struggles with inner feelings and their conflicting differences of culture. He realizes he can't live without her and goes back after her. When he arrives he finds her life is taking a different turn, but he has vowed to change that. He is out to prove that she belongs to no other man but him. Bayleigh and Long Quiet rise to the challenge of prejudice, deception, and inner struggles to prove that love prevails.

COMANCHE WOMAN is a reprint of book two in the popular Sisters of the Lone Star Trilogy. This tale is packed with action, a strong story line and those unique Stewart women. Joan Johnston is a true talent and one I always enjoy.

Tami Sutton, November 2002

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