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Nobody But You
Julie Kenner
ISBN: 0743446046
January 2003
Contemporary Romance

Jacey Wilder has decided that it’s time to grow up, and start being serious about life—and to her, that means taking a full time job as an accountant, finding the perfect man, and settling down with a nice picket fence home and 2.5 children in the ‘burbs. Only, it’s going to be a little hard. Because the man that Jacey thinks just might be the man to help her achieve her goals, she’d left high and dry at a hotel, without so much as a thank you, sir. Well, she HAD thought that he might be a murderer. But now she has to find Al, and let him know he’s THE man for her. But she’s got a problem…for starters, the name, Albert Alcott, wasn’t the one that he’d used to introduce himself. He’d used Charles, but Jacey has reason to believe he’d lied about his name, like she had. And she doesn’t know where to find him. So the only thing left to do is to hire a private detective. That is, if she can find one who will accept the small amount of money she’s got left, and won’t ask too many questions.

Private Investigator David Anderson is just hoping that an easy case will fall into his lap, so that he can continue writing the book of his dreams, based on a retro P.I. Although he’d had a big true crime hit, the genre just wasn’t him, but he had to have something to help the cash flow while writing his dream. When Jacey Wilder comes in, he’s right in the middle of plotting a scene, and she’s straight off the pages…a fantasy come to life. Except that he could just see picket fence written all over her and he’d been there and done that. And she wants him to find a missing boy friend. So even though he thinks she’s a hot, sexy, sarcastic, pain in the ass, David needs the money, and this case sounds too easy to be true. So he can’t turn it down. What he doesn’t realize is that Jacey is at the center of a comedy of errors…

David and Jacey find themselves in the middle something way bigger than it first appears, and battling to control a compelling attraction. They both know they’re not what the other wants, but seem unable to keep their hands to their selves. Jacey quickly realizes that there’s much more to David than being a cheap P.I., and David sees that Jacey is a woman struggling to suppress her inner dreams. And while this might sound as if the characters are filled with angst, don’t be fooled! Ms. Kenner has made these characters fresh, funny and full of love of life.

Julie Kenner has penned an incredible romance, where we get to share the struggles and dreams, and see two people learn to give a little for the ultimate prize of love. The tale is made even more fun and zany by the cast of supporting characters…like David’s slightly zany Aunt Millie, and the bumbling crooks Al and Reggie, and David’s good buddy Finn (whom we’ll get to know better in a later book). The book is a filled with fun banter, and scenes that will pull on your heartstrings, while making you smile. I’ve always loved Ms. Kenner’s super hero stories, but she’s outdone herself with NOBODY BUT YOU. This is a MUST read, guaranteed not to disappoint!!

Melissa Bradley, November 2002

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