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Silent Confessions
Julie Kenner
ISBN: 0373835892
April 2003
Romantic Suspense

Author, Julie Kenner has made the move to romantic suspense with a big bang! Her new book, SILENT CONFESSIONS will singe your fingers while keeping you glued to the pages.

Detective Jack Parker is assigned to the sex crimes division investigating a string of stalkings. He meets erotic bookstore owner Veronica Archer when he mistakenly takes her for his consultant in the case. The chemistry between the two of them is instant and constant throughout the book.

As the suspense builds with the murder of one of Ronnie's customers, so does the relationship between Jack and Ronnie. With the advent of a second murder the relationship is strained as Jack begins to believe he knows who and how the murderer is related to Ronnie and her bookshop. As with any relationship Ronnie's and Jack's is not the smooth road we would all hope to travel. However, that which has torn them apart does serve to make them stronger.

As the book winds to its conclusion there are several surprising plot twists. Ms. Kenner does an excellent job of keeping you on the edge of your seat throughout these twists, and handles them in an appropriate manner without shortening their importance to the overall story, or rushing through them.

This is the first book I've read by Julie Kenner. I needed to keep a glass of water nearby to keep me cool while I read, but didn't want to stop long enough to get that glass of water. This was a fast paced sexy read, which I enjoyed immensely.

Sandi Shilhanek, April 2003

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