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The Perfect Target
Jenna Mills
Silhouette Intimate Moments #1212
ISBN: 0373272820
March 2003
Category Romance

Miranda Carrington and Allessandro Vellenti are running. From their pasts and from the people who want them dead. They are hiding from who they really are. Sandro wants nothing more than to destroy the man who destroyed his life. Instead, he has to protect Miranda from that man, who wants to use her as leverage in a high stakes political game of one-upmanship. Circumstances beyond their control force them to play a deadly game of hide and seek, both from danger and each other. Love may be the ultimate causality of the game.

Jenna Mills keeps getting better and better! She weaves a dastardly complex and compelling plot that leaves Sandro and Miranda in danger, in danger of losing their lives and their hearts. Miranda is a strong heroine, matching wits with an equally stubborn hero. The pace of the story sweeps the reader along the breathtaking journey, punctuated by strong dialogue and lust inducing sensuality. This intriguing read is a balance of plot and character driven stories that keeps the reading guessing until the very end. Donít miss this one!

Lea Moyer, February 2003

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