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Messing With Mac
Jill Shalvis
Harlequin Temptation #918
ISBN: 0373691181
March 2003
Category Romance

Taylor Wellington is classy, sophisticated and…alone. For the most part, she enjoys her life that way. She’s too busy restoring the run down apartment building her grandfather left her to do much else. Taylor has taken a vow of singlehood and even though her two best-friends—her only friends—have deserted her and the pact they made by falling hopelessly in love, Taylor isn’t about to cave. She’s remained single this long, for good reason, and she isn’t about to change now—no matter how sexy her new contractor, Thomas “Mac” Mackenzie, is!

Mac is determined to remain just as single as Taylor. He’s been down this road before, being involved with some high society lady, and all he got was mountain of debt and heartache. But he isn’t against a brief fling. Luckily neither is Taylor! But as time goes on and Mac and Taylor begin to turn to one another for more than their casual relationship demands, they start to realize they’ve let things go too far. Can they overcome the obstacles of the past and embrace the uncertain future ahead—together?

Once again Jill Shalvis entertains with MESSING WITH MAC. As the South Village Singles trilogy wraps up, we finally get to find out about Taylor and what makes her tick. Taylor was a very well developed character with an interesting back-story. Having come from money, she is struggling now that she’s been unceremoniously cut off, left only with the ramshackle apartment building, and her pride, intact. Mac was also a well developed hero, a man who initially runs from Taylor because she outwardly resembles his ex-wife. But inside, Taylor is nothing like his scheming ex, and it takes Mac a while to realize that. Taylor also has someone in her past that she still isn’t over yet. As these two work through these issues, they begin to realize that the only way to overcome these obstacles is to take them head on—together.

I have loved every book in the South Village Singles series and MESSING WITH MAC may just be the best of them all! Jill Shalvis knows how to blend humor, romance and sensuality together to create the perfect story. So be sure to pick up MESSING WITH MAC, as well as all of the books in the series, then sit back and get ready to be thoroughly entertained!

Carla Hosom, February 2003

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