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Beach Roses
Jean Stone
ISBN: 055358412X
April 2003
Contemporary Romance

"We don't always get to pick the people who need us." This sentence Doc Hasting's speaks to Rita cuts to the soul of this beautifully written, emotional, deeply touching novel set in contemporary Martha's Vineyard. It is the story of four women coming together as strangers to form a breast cancer support group. We are quickly introduced to Hannah, wife and mother, Katie, a pregnant rock star, Faye, a wealthy marketing executive and Rita, with a secret past, who becomes reluctant leader of the group.

These women are as scared and tentative about bonding with one another as they are with struggling with the discovery of every woman's secret fear...breast cancer. As they come together to talk about and face the complexities of their disease and the impact it will have on their lives, they are also forced to face the complexities of life itself. Each member of the group, in battling the disease, comes face to face with their own pasts, facing past demons, hurts and secrets with as much courage and dignity as they face their future.

Four unlikely women who would probably never be friends in ordinary circumstances form a bond so strong, so everlasting, the reader will marvel at the strength of women and the beauty of female friendship.

Jean Stone writes three dimensional characters so real they step off the pages and into our hearts. We come to love these women, despite their personal character flaws, and find ourselves routing for their recovery and future happiness. This book is hard to put down and even harder to forget once the last word is read.

Diane Burke, April 2003

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