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Alias Smith and Jones
Kylie Brant
Silhouette Intimate Moments #1196
ISBN: 0373272669
January 2003
Category Romance

After her parents died when she was a small child, Analiese Tremaine was raised by three over protective brothers. Now that one of those brothers is missing Ana decides to take matters in her own hands. She works for Tremaine Technologies and is a computer specialist for her family's company. There she hacks into her brother Sam's computer to find out just where he might have disappeared to. Having found his last known destination, she begins following her brother's path to the island of Laconos.

Ana uses the name Ann Smith and takes on the persona of an island hopping rich girl. She enlists the services of a charter boat captain named Jones. According to her brother's records he had hired Jones to take him to Laconos. He isn't interested in taking her but she is determined to sway his decision. Once she does, she finds that Jones is over protective and over bearing. Also, something about him just doesn't seem right.. He is evasive about his full name, the bullet scar on his back and the gun he carries. However, Ana is no more forth coming than he is with her real identity and motives.

As Ana begins her search for Sam she must rely on Jones's abilities more than she cares to admit. Who is this man that becomes a real life Rambo? Certainly, he is more than the charter boat captain he appears to be. No man has the survival skill he has without some sort of extensive training.

The facade they have both assumed has caused them to mistrust each other. However, the feelings they are invoking within each other are all too real. Whether, deep in the jungle or at sea, these two work together in a race against time to dodge danger and uncover a devious plot. All the while, falling in love with the other.

With vivid descriptions, all too real characters and a solid storyline, ALIAS SMITH AND JONES is a super read! Kylie Brant knows how to keep her readers wanting more with her suspense driven tale. I look forward to Sam's story, ENTRAPMENT, in the exciting new Tremaine Tradition series

Tami Sutton, January 2003

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