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Cupidís Melody
Karen Fox
ISBN: 0515134910
January 2003
Paranormal Romance

Nic Stone had made what he considered the worst mistake of his life. He had asked the Queen of the Fae to grant immortality to his beloved wife Anna. In exchange for this Nic would paint Titaniaís portrait. Unbeknownst to Nic, Anna had to die first and then be reborn.

It had taken 25 years for Nic to paint Titaniaís portrait but now he was free to search for his beloved Anna. His search has led him to Dianna Fielding who is the spitting image of Anna. Throwing a spanner in the works is her sister Stacy who has all of Annaís attributes but not her looks. Poor Nic. His head says Dianna is the one but his heart is leading him straight to Stacy. If he tells the wrong woman he loves her he will forfeit his freedom to live in the human realm and become a slave to Titania. What to do? Listen to his head or his heart?

Cupidís Melody if a very entertaining and at times a heart wrenching story. The reader quickly figures out who Anna really is but thanks to Titaniaís machinations you will feel like smacking Nic because he just canít seem to see the obvious.

Set aside a few hours and prepare to be transported to the wonderful, magical world of Karen Fox. Once you start reading you wonít want to stop. Previous readers will definitely want to add this one to their collection and new readers will feel compelled to go out and get all previous books.

Diane Mason, November 2002

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