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Impractical Magic
Karen Fox
ISBN: 0515135364
May 2003
Paranormal Romance

Brandon Goodfellow, son of Robin and Kate. For as long as he can remember Brand has wanted to be magical. Since his father had given up his magic and immortality to be with his mother, the only way for Brand to have magic was to become the world's greatest illusionist.

Rose Thayer, daughter of Rand and Ariel. Upon her birth, Rose received all of her mother's magic and immortality, which did not reveal itself until Rose turned 13.

Brand and Rose had been inseparable until the truth of their shared heritage was revealed. Finding out that Rose had everything he wanted and his father had given up Brand put the two of them out of his life. Now, years later Brand is getting ready to go on tour when Rose comes back into his life. Rose has made a name for herself by exposing the secrets of magicians and Brand is last on the list.

IMPRACTICAL MAGIC is the story of a man who has never come to terms with the fact that his father was able to give up magic and immortality for love and that his dearest childhood companion had everything that he himself considered most important. Poor Rose gained all this power that she didn't understand and lost her best friend to boot. Over the years Rose had come to terms with her heritage and watching her try to teach Brand that love is the most powerful magic was great. She is the perfect foil for Brand since she has developed into the kind of woman who follows both her head and her heart and won't let anyone bully her into something that doesn't feel right. Brand is the type of man you will want to smack because he just can't see what is in front of him. But when he finally wakes up to what is real you just want to hug him.

The secondary characters help make this story. Rose's cousin Sequoia and the man Titania sends to fetch Rose is another great couple. Watching Sequoia try to teach Ewan about human love was a hoot. I hope we get to see their entire story soon.

Set aside a few hours and let Karen Fox do what she does so well, draw you so far into her world that you won't want to leave.

Diane Mason, April 2003

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