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Simply Irresistible
Kristine Grayson
ISBN: 0821771485
January 2003
Paranormal Romance

Combine a superhero who can't be a superhero, a young woman with psychic abilities and the fates and you have SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE by Kristine Grayson.

Vivian Kineally has just moved to Portland to look into the death of her Aunt Eugenia. One night she is awoken by a pounding at her door. Opening her door to the three women standing there sets Vivian on a wild and wacky road she never could have imagined. If their story can be believed, these three women are the Fates. They have given up their powers and been replaced by younger Fates. Now someone is trying to kill them and they need Vivian's help. Finding out that Vivian has not been trained and has no idea what they are talking about the Fates realize that there is only one person who can help them.

Enter Dexter Grant, former superhero and currently pet storeowner. At first Dexter has trouble believing what the Fates are telling him but quickly realizes it is the truth. After witnessing certain suspicious acts Dexter believes he and Vivian need more powerful help to protect the Fates.

Jump to Quixotic, the restaurant owned by Alex Blackstone. This gathering of characters from previous books was very interesting and left me feeling that I wanted to smack every single one of them. They come to their senses too late, which leave Vivian and Dexter on their own against whoever is trying to kill the Fates.

I found Dexter and Vivian to be very appealing characters and the bewildering situation they found themselves in just had me rooting for them that much harder. The one problem I had with the book was the ending. It left me with an empty feeling like something was missing. Otherwise, I enjoyed this book very much and will happily recommend it to everyone.

Diane Mason, December 2002

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