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An Affair to Remember
Karen Hawkins
ISBN: 038082079X
August 2002
Historical Romance

The book opens with the reading of a will in which the single, Earl of Greyley, Anthony Elliot, finds out that he has become the guardian of five children . From there the fun begins. What does a single man know about raising children? Well, Greyley has some ideas, after all, hasn't he brought his wastrel family back from the brink of bankruptcy? How difficult could innocent children be? He tries to establish schedules and losses many governesses, the "innocent" children tar and feather one of the governess's dog with molasses and pillow feathers.

Greyley's sister Sara suggests Anna Thraxton for the next governess. After all she has the reputation as the best governess in London. There is some past chemistry between Anna and Greyley and as the book progresses it fairly explodes. The children are a trial, frogs in the beds, all of his shoes disappear, an incident with a lizard. Anna and Greyley must also overcome the typical Lord, governess thing and one other small problem: he is engaged!

This book was so much fun! I didn't want to put it down. You know the old adage-- never co star with kids? Well, Greyley never had a chance. Between the children and a governess that already knew all the tricks, the action was nonstop, throw in a few mind numbing kisses and well.....I had to just keep turning the pages to see what happened next.

Karen Hawkins just keeps getting better and better, I've read THE ABDUCTION OF JULIA and THE SEDUCTION OF SARA and I liked this one the best. Take orphans, an evil grandmother, a beautiful governess and a rich handsome lord, stir vigorously and you have a wonderful curl-up on the couch getaway.

Debbie Olson, November 2002

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