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Song from the Sea
Katherine Kingsley
ISBN: 0440237440
April 2003
Historical Romance

Adam Carlyle, Fifth Marquess of Vale, was ready to end it all. After leaving instructions and laying a false trail Adam rows himself out to sea. While waiting to die he gets caught up in a storm along with a clipper ship. Watching the ship Adam sees a woman fall into the churning water. What else can go wrong he wonders as he makes the decision to rescue her? Grumbling all the way Adam takes her to his home.

When the woman finally wakes she can't seem to remember anything except what she believes to be her name, Callie Magnus. Frustrated by not being able to get any answers to his questions Adam sends his closest friend and steward out to see if he can find any information about a missing woman. When Nigel returns empty handed Adam reluctantly lets Callie stay until she recovers her memory.

SONG FROM THE SEA tells the story of a man who has suffered so much loss that he no longer wants to be in this world. Then Callie enters his life, a woman who has no memory or family to take care of her. Callie may have no memory but she is definitely not helpless. She gives as good as she gets and that is what attracts Adam. Of course, the road to the happy ending is littered with the usual troublemaking relatives who unintentionally help to set Adam on his road to recovering his life. I found this to be a very enjoyable read and will definitely recommend it to anyone who likes historical romances.

Diane Mason, March 2003

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