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Witch's Journey
Karen McCullough
ISBN: 1893896900
November 2002
Paranormal Romance

Jinissa is a Calavrian witch and new to town when she comes to the rescue of a small boy and reveals herself as a witch. She is quickly overpowered, imprisoned and put on trial. Convicted and sentenced to execution, Jinissa is given a last minute reprieve in the form of a man known as Lord Stephan. Word of the witch had reached the King's ears and Stephan was sent out to bring her to him.

WITCH'S JOURNEY is the story of a woman who is unwanted by her family and banned from her country because of what she is. It is also the story of a man who has risen from rags to riches to become a trusted friend of his King. He has also had a very tortuous experience at the hands of Jinissa's people. With his deep hatred of the Calavrian people Stephan is the perfect person to escort Jinissa to King Randell.

Karen McCullough has penned a story of a very intriguing, magical world. The reader is quickly transported to this new world and made to feel like we are actually part of this journey. It is not an easy one as Stephan and Jinissa have lots of baggage and obstacles to overcome before they can have a happy ending. Not knowing exactly what the King wants, a happy ending may not even be possible.

Anyone who likes stories about magic and other worlds will want to add Witch's Journey to their list of books to buy. I definitely plan on buying future books from this very talented, new (to me) author.

Diane Mason, November 2002

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