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This Must Be Love
Kasey Michaels
ISBN: 0821771183
February 2003
Contemporary Romance

Take one nursery school good-girl teacher in search of a week-long adventure. Add one bad boy writer posing as a good-guy professor. Mix together slowly in a romantic, Cape May setting and what do you get? The ingredients for a fun story guaranteed to deliver to the reader a smile-a-minute read.

Jane Preston, an intelligent, hard-working nursery school owner who still lives at home with her parents has had one bad experience with a bad boy in the past. Despite this, she still secretly longs for some adventure in her satisfying but boring life. Her cousin Molly, wild, exciting, daring, living-life-to-the-fullest Molly, convinces Jane to switch places with her for one week. Presenting the switch as saving Molly's career as well as having an all expense paid week's vacation in Cape May, Jane accepts the bait.

John Patrick Romanowski, secretly the best-selling author J.P. Roman, presents himself as nothing more than a nerdy college professor in need of a strictly platonic companion for a week in Cape May at a retreat where Senator Harrison and his entourage are staying. He hires Molly, who is quickly replaced with Jane, from an escort service.

Despite their many differences--Jane is a neat-nik, John a slob, Jane nave, John cynical, Jane good-girl, John bad-boy; they find they also have a common ground..expose whatever flaws they can find of Senator Harrison to prevent him from running and possibly winning the presidency.

Kasey Michaels has created characters so believable, so entertaining, that they jump right off the page and into our hearts as we root for these flawed human beings to find their true selves, and in the process, find love along the way. The path is strewn with multiple obstacles and sharp, witty dialogue which makes THIS MUST BE LOVE a delightful, must read romp.

Diane Burke, March 2003

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