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The Wedding Escape
Karyn Monk
ISBN: 0553584405
March 2003
Historical Romance

Despite outward appearances as a wealthy confidant man, Jack Kent suffered through a childhood of misery. He still suffers because of that, fearing what society will think of him were they ever to learn the truth surrounding Lord Redmond’s ward. When wealthy American heiress Amelia Belford flees her arranged marriage to a duke, she lands in Jack’s lap and under his protection. Knowing what it is like to be alone and helpless, he helps her secure her own life. He is plagued by insecurities along with his burgeoning attraction to the strong willed woman. He wants her to have the best in life and hopes that can be him.

Karyn Monk has populated her latest book with two intriguing main characters. Both Jack and Amelia remain true to themselves in spite of opportunities to give in. Amelia is a woman determined to do whatever necessary to live life on her own terms and on her own two feet. Jack is much the same. The characters are given life by descriptive prose and colorful dialogue. Two problems mar what is otherwise a thoroughly enjoyable reading experience. The first is Jack’s stubborn insistence that his past makes him less than desirable. The second is the revelation of his birth father. Only Jack’s handling of the meeting saves the story from a clichéd ending.

Lea Moyer, February 2003

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