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The Irresistible Macrae
Karen Ranney
ISBN: 0380821052
December 2002
Historical Romance

THE IRRESISTIBLE MACRAE is a tale of woman who falls into the trap of an unscrupulous suitor to save her family and meets the man of her dreams when she believes it to be too late. Riona's mother writes to her good friend Fergus to ask him to come and talk sense into Riona because Riona doesn't believe she has done anything wrong and should not be forced into a marriage she doesn't want.

Unable to answer Susanna McKinsey's summons, Fergus sends his nephew James MacRae. Being unsettled and restless James decides to answer the call to Tyemorn Manor. Upon arrival he stumbles across a beautiful woman hiding behind a hedge and finds himself attracted. When Susanna finds out that James has come instead of Fergus she realizes that James could be the answer to Riona's problem.

James and Riona soon come to the realization that they are in love but can see no way to release Riona from her engagement. Throw into the mix several attempts on James' life and everybody starts to believe that the whole situation is impossible to fix. But James is a hero to be proud of because he finally takes care of the assassin and finds a solution to ending Riona's engagement.

I found THE IRRESISTIBLE MACRAE to be a very entertaining and engrossing read. The first meeting between James and Riona is priceless. The chemistry between the two will have the reader pulling for them to find a way out of a seemingly impossible situation. I highly recommend this story to anyone who likes Scottish set historicals.

Diane Mason, March 2003

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